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SANDY HOOK - The Documentary; 2013 Official Release

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SANDY HOOK - The Documentary; 2013 Official Release

SANDY HOOK - The Documentary; 2013 Official Release

The police coverup is still underway, not due to be mitigated officially for months to come. But by the time that happens, no one is likely to give much credence to what the police have to say anyway. This documentary explores many of the aspects of the case as it is now known, in the greatest detail I have seen yet. Most importantly, perhaps, it integrates Eric Holder's Operation Longevity into the scenario, without which it may be impossible to understand why the Sandy Hook shooting really happened.

Sandy Hook - The Truth (Controversial Documentary)

The Purposes of the Sandy Hook Massacre - Morris

The Sandy Hook Made for TV Drama Hoax

The Sandy Hook Psy-Op -- Did You Take The Bait?

"Operation Gladio" - The Violent Cold War Black Op Continues Today - 2013

A Working Timeline of Sandy Hook (Background Information):


- origins in FBI infiltrated and fake "Neo Nazi" groups
- OKC Bombing and McVeigh; false-flag with attempt to impune second amendment (part II) militias
- Clinton's "great 'right wing' conspiracy"; actually a conspiracy to frame and defame conservatives
- Christians oficially designated terrorists in secret memo
- FBI director Ted Gunderson reveals secret FBI policy - "people must die" to make laws pass
- the fake FBI Hutaree "Christian militia" publicity arrests - all are released because of no evidence at all
- Eric Holder admits intention to brainwash America into gun control
- "PATCON" class 1 (deliberately illegal operation) discovered in FBI documents from OKC bombing investigation
- "DC Sniper" discovered as plan to incriminate war veterans, who then later appear on 'terrorist' list

2) Fast and Furious - a continuation of PATCON

- Obama admits planning a "sneak attack" on the Second Amendment
- FnF renewed attempt to frame conservatives ("patriots") with staged/created violence
- outgrowth of "operation Gunrunner", ordered by Obama personally
- Eric Holder stonewalls, but is busted by emails... but never punished for the crime - FnF is a failure
- Initiation of SWAT-like murder teams
- "Batman" massacre happens; but DARPA, military, and global finance connections quickly discovered
- Sikh temple shooting by Army Intelligence and resurrection of fake "Neo Nazis"

3) Repeated failures and revelation of false flags prompts "Longevity" approach

- "Longevity" appears to be a plan to recruit ("educate") felons involved in gun smuggling
- Eric Holder himself was in Sandy Hook 2-3 weeks before shooting specifically to sell this operation
- As revealed by Pieczenik, violent felons are often recruited for politically useful killing
- Sandy Hook happens; but media ties, news plants, crisis actors, and impossible stories are quickly a problem

4) Sandy Hook, meant to give 'longevity' to PATCON, runs amok

- Frantic attempts to restore a politically useful narrative only prompt more criticism and investigation
- SWAT-like murder team involvement quickly revealed, as in several previous false-flag shootings
- Second and third shooter involvement become obvious - one shooter is seated in FRONT of a police car
- police eventually settle on story that Lanza used only handguns, but coroner claims most or all killed with rifle
- helicopter video reveals police removing a long gun, probably rifle, from a car trunk in parking lot
- some pictures apparently show uniformed persons (police?) carrying non-service weapons into the school - to plant?
- Sandy Hook Shooters Car Is Registered To A Christopher A. Rodia - multiple felon and gun smuggler
- Rodia was inexplocably released with a bail of $0
- records show Rodia illegally manufactured machine guns - a perfect candidate for both FnF AND "longevity"
- Police audio shows Rodia was present when car's plates were run
- photograph shows Rodia's plates on "Lanza" car at crime scene
- eyewitness reveals that police were present BEFORE shooting started
- recorded police radio transmission "End the life of Adam" discovered
- revealed video that Lietenant Paul Vance was in charge of very similar fake shooting exercise before
- Lieutenant Vance orders all evidence sealed from public
- Leaked helicopter footage reveals no bodies, no blood, no injured, no evacuation, no action, fake vehicles
- Press photos deceptively portray fire department building as Sandy Hook school
- aerial photographs of fire department building reveals no bodies, no blood, no injured, no evacuation, no action
- the only photograph claiming to show an evacuation of children turns out to be an old photograph of an exercise
- Hospital locked down - later revealed no no dead, only one 'lightly injured' patient
- Diversion created to conceal "bodies", which are then supposedly secretly smuggled out of schoool, past reporters - how?
- parents are never allowed to see bodies of their own children - not even at funerals
- supposedly evacuated children were reportedly told to "keep their eyes shut" while being led out - so none are witnesses
- police claim Lanza forced entry, and that there's "lots of broken glass" - but none is visible in helicopter photos
- no one has been allowed to approach or photograph the school building from the ground
- security video from the school is either concealed or missing
- the woman who remotely controlled building access was supposedly "the first killed", and yet called a newspaper to report
- revealed - Connecticut Governor was Warned in Advance about School Shooting
- revealed - news stories about shooting appeared before official time of shooting
- revealed - memorial websites created well before date of shooting
- revealed donation websites for Sandy Hook victims appeared and searchable on internet days before shooting
- revealed Secret Meeting of Police 4 Days After Sandy Hook
- Adam Lanzas Aunt says Adam Lanza Very Unlikely to be the Shooter
- No Record Of Whereabouts Of Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza For Three Years
- neighbor reveals no one knew Lanza family in close-knit neighborhood
- Ryan Lanza Interview - Commenting on Fake News and its Influence on Politics BEFORE Mass Murder
- Sandy Hook "witness" revealed; crisis actor, local television CEO - Sees Casualty list two Days Before its Released
- revealed "witness" worked with CBS
- DHS "Active Shooter" pre-planned drill discovered running concurrently with Sandy Hook event
- Sandy Hook fire station revealed as FEMA exercise location - and also as photo-op site for Sandy Hook
- eyewitness reveals action began at fire station first - not at school
- it is revealed that miraculously a new school building is available, made to look exacly like Sandy Hook elementary - how?
- the new school building suggests that the old one will be destroyed before evidence can be independently examined

5) Sandy Hook event has all but disintegrated - now what?

- Obama threatens "executive action" to deal with 'assault rifles' - even though none were used by Adam Lanza
- campaign video is re-discovered of Obama promising "I will not... take your guns..."
- New York senate passes a new gun ban - which no senator read before voting, and under cover of midnight
- Obama threatened with impeachment, if he tries to circumvent legal process by executive orders for illegal gun ban
- Obama releases 23 executive orders, most of which are "letters" to remind various departments of laws

6) Tentative conclusion: "operation Longevity" may be short-lived, but...

- Historical precedent - Ted Gunderson says, secret policy is that if a law is not passed, then more people must die
- Example; World Trade Center 1993 bombing was an FBI project, FBI bomb, but failed - not enough people died
- Eric Holder seems to be the central organizer, and is still not being prosecuted
- Prediction: if nothing is done to stop them, criminal networks in government will stage a much larger massacre

================================= (perhaps most important) (important) (a prime source on PATCON) (prime source on Fast and Furious) Piczenik testimony on government recruiting criminals as political killers

Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: hohum - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 31, 2014
Subject: FIVE STARS!!!!
Excellent documentary! Must see!
Reviewer: artstar274 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 10, 2014
Subject: EXCELLENT, what a real "independent" Press SHOULD BE DOING.
Don't let these other IDIOTIC "reviewers" or paid agents of the NWO fool you. This is JUST ONE of the excellent straight forward common sense exposes USING ALL OFFICIAL SOURCES of the total LIE that was "Sandy Hook". Sandy Hook and Aurora go into the same catagory as Son of Sam and Jack the Ripper Masonic/Secret Society killings to terrorize and train the public to be further manipulated by the Illuminati elite. They want you to believe that "official history" just happens in a random way, don't be a pawn in thier game of Enochian Chess! Don't believe that some guys from a cave in Afghanistan with boxcutters foild a HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars worth of National "Security" apparatus on 9-11-01 either. Break through the programming!!!
Reviewer: migre - favorite - February 15, 2013
Subject: Good post Mike Benoit.
The monster who killed those kids should have
been crucified slowly. He died way too quick.

All the cr*p links in the article like
"the purpose of the shooting" tick me off.
There is nothing in that movie that will help anyone with the slightest common sense.

I wouldn't show this movie to a dog.
Reviewer: mike benoit - favorite - February 14, 2013
Subject: film maker
the worst low class film ever made.not worth a dime.
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